EDC Smart Fleet

EDC SMART Fleet is a telematics system designed for car fleet management using GPS/GPRS technology.

Using satellite based geo-localisation, EDC SMART Fleet enables you to track both real time and historic movements of your vehicles from any computer with an Internet connection.

Many functions are built into the system to analyse the movements and performance of every vehicle and driver.

EDC SMART Fleet ensures you will get a quick return on your investment by providing you with the information you need to raise your productivity and improve your competitiveness.

EDC SMART Fleet lets you display the movements of your fleet and obtain management reports, facilitating highly effective control over your costs.

EDC SMART Fleet can also be put to work as a telematics tool to induce your staff to take a more responsible attitude towards their work, and encourage safer, more ecological, use of the vehicle.

Key Features

Based on over 25 years' expertise in satellite based telecommunications, European Datacomm provides you with the technological tool to improve your performance thanks to:

  • Secure access to the website.
  • Fast and user friendly graphic interface.
  • Easy-to-use web interface, with overview of your fleet and zoom onto a particular vehicle.
  • Display of movements on a map.
  • Display of all information on the history of a journey on a spreadsheet table.
  • Display of vehicle itineraries.
  • Management of vehicles and drivers.
  • Summary table of journey times.
  • Summary table of stoppage times.
  • Management to cut down unnecessary vehicle movements.
  • Faster and more effective responses to customers' requests.
  • Data export in Excel, PDF or CSV formats.


  • Enhance the image of your brand
  • Gain greater control over your company's operations and staff working out in the field.
  • Improve the safety and security of your staff, fleet and merchandise movements.