EDC Smart

EDC SMART is a new telematic localisation system, designed to track vehicles and other mobile objects that use a GPS / mobile phone module.

The EDC SMART product line sets a new standard in the field of GEO control for vehicles and other objects. This product family is based on a modular, programmable concept, making it adaptable to suit many different requirements and the customer's profile. It caters for individual needs, such as those of a leasing company, an insurance company or car fleet manager, and indeed private individuals.

EDC Smart Secure

Your car in good hands
  • Maximum anti-theft protection.
  • Exceptionally simple and user friendly.
  • Connected to an electronic surveillance centre approved by the Ministry of the Interior.
  • Intelligent automatic control and protection device against unauthorised vehicle movement.
  • Service Mode to prevent false alarms. 
  • An all-in subscription, including 24-hour electronic surveillance service and mobile phone communications; Europe-wide coverage.
  • Discreet, user friendly system; does not interfere with normal operation of the vehicle. 
  • Precise localisation through highly detailed mapping. 
  • Systems are automatically tested from time to time for correct functioning.

Certified Systems

EDC SMART Secure, the most appreciated After-Theft Tracking system by the insurance brokers and their clients.
ACA Luxemburg LU 0909/45 LU 0909/46 LU 0909/47
SCM/TNO The Netherlands TT-030903   TT-030903
    class 4&5   class 4&5