Your best option to quickly recover your stolen car, is a vehicle tracking system.

Vehicle tracking systems have proved to be by far the most successful development in vehicle security in recent years. Nevertheless GPS location is only one aspect of an efficient security and stolen vehicle recovery system. Increasing international mobility demands an integrated cross border service platform behind the "track & trace black box" installed in your car. All of EDC's tracking & tracing modules can profit from 24-hour incident monitoring by qualified and specialised alarm monitoring services to guarantee the constant and predictable service continuity which is of paramount importance to swiftly recover a stolen car.


Some insurance companies will offer discounts when a tracking system is installed or on some high value cars they will demand an ‘approved’ tracking system.

In Belgium these are the New INCERT standards for approved vehicle tracking systems

New INCERT certification standards replacing CJ0 and CJ2 (in Belgium)
TT1 Without user recognition, without anti-start replaces CJ0-A
TT2 With user recognition, without anti-start replaces CJ0-I
TT3 Without user recognition, with anti-start replaces CJ2-A
TT4 With user recognition, with anti-start replaces CJ2-I
TT5 TT4 + AT2 New
Technical Grade T 021C