Products & Services

European Datacomm is active in the following areas:
  • GSM/SMS/GPS/Satellite based vehicle & mobile asset security applications

GSM/SMS/GPS/Satellite based vehicle & mobile asset security applications

Products and services within this business area can be categorized in 4 major product families which all can rely on one or a combination of the following services:

  • Security services
  • Comfort services
  • Online services

Security services

Each customer who signed a security contract can rely on the assistance of the callcenter operators in case of emergency.
Depending on the type of incoming alert they will start the dedicated procedure and give feedback to the competent services.

Customers who signed in for security services can also contact the callcenter themselves to report stolen vehicles, acts of aggression or other anomalies.

Each involved call center is certified and operators follow very strict directives which are entirely grafted on the privacy legislation and laws concerning protection of the personal life environment. These laws and directives can differ from country to country.

Comfort services

Certain products can be associated with comfort services which vary from alert and notifications services to detailed reporting and visualization regarding time registration, route maps, status of conditions, ...
These services depend on the type of contract and the chosen product and are tightly coupled with the security services and online services.

Comfort services can also rely on certified call centers in case of emergency. Those call centers start the dedicated procures to notify the competent services (112, police, ...)

Online services

Each customer that bought a product from EDC, directly (via online shop or our sales department) or indirectly (via reseller or dealer), will benefit the advantages of some online services regarding their product. These online services vary from update notifications and management of contact persons to more specific online applications like FleetTrack, Container Management Application (CMA). Each customer that has activated an account on our website and registered their products online, will be able to access their eligible services. Customers with multiple employees who need to access the same services, will be able to relate multiple users to the their customer account and assign them certain access roles. This feature is certainly encouraged for fleet and container services.

Product families

Each service applies to all products in the 4 product families:

  • Car - The ultimate protection for car and driver by satellite
  • Fleet - Affordable mobile asset and workforce management and security 
  • Motorbike - Security and comfort assistance for motorbikers peace-of-mind
  • People - Personal safety and comfort monitoring at your fingertips

Our website gives you a general and detailed overview of our entire products and services portfolio. Some products or services may not be available for purchase in all sales channels or in all areas.

All services are subject to applicable User Agreements. Wireless voice and data coverage is subject to different system related transmission limitations, terrain, third party network capacity, legal and other limitations.