About EDC

EUROPEAN DATACOMM (EDC) part of EDC INVESTMENT GROUP was established in 1984 and was at that time a pioneer in electronic messaging developments which started in the 1980s.

Today, with more than 25 years of experience in worldwide voice- & data communication, EDC provides and develops tracking & tracing applications ranging from simple, entry level low-cost basic mobile asset tracking systems to high-end dual mode GSM/satellite based monitoring systems.

Next to providing tracking and tracing solutions European Datacomm is your service provider of first choice for satellite- and GSM based voice- and data communication services.

Historic Milestones

European Datacomm has built a strong reputation by always maintaining the highest quality standards and outstanding service level. Our current product portfolio is the result of historic milestones forming the basis for our future efforts.

1984European Datacomm starts as a pioneer in Europe with electronic data communication as a licensee of MCI
1996Diversification to satellite communication. European Datacomm gets an Inmarsat accounting Authority permit and acts as Inmarsat Service Provider and later also as Inmarsat Point of Service Activation (PSA)
1998Upon the introduction of the LEO satellite constellations, European Datacomm jumps on the hamper of the Low Earth orbit satellite systems and obtains the licenses for Orbcomm and iridium worldwide satellite communication systems.
1999After the successful launch of the first vehicle tracking system in the Benelux, European Datacomm is considered as market leader in the tracking and tracing segment, the result of the unique stolen vehicle recovery results (more than 95% of stolen vehicles is recovered!).
2004First presentation of the EDCTRACK platform during 82th International Car and Motorcycle Exhibition in Brussels. EDC introduces the first really pan-European structured platform for vehicle location, assistance and security for the automotive sector.
2006EDC is particularly proud to participate as a partner in the EU FP7 project for better security of the international container traffic by means of satellite guarding.
2007EDC introduces EDC75 VTS a special satellite based vehicle tracking system that is exclusively produced for securing international missions in problem areas and which is supported by the Global EDC Track platform.
2008European Datacomm starts a partnership with Trade Route Beijing / Huaneng and Powers-Secured Satellite system (PSSS). Part of the cooperation is the installation and exploitation of a full service platform for the EDC76 container tracking-and-tracing system. The cooperation is part of a worldwide program where on each continent at least one service platform is operational.
200925 years EDC! THE EDC Smart security product line is introduced, a new standard in GEO management for vehicles and moving objects. This product family has been based on an entirely new approach. A modular concept that can be adapted to the requirements of several user groups, where the needs of both the leasing companies and the insurance sector up to and including the individual user have been taken into account.
2010EDC further expands the operational platforms in:
  • China
  • US / Mexico
  • Pakistan
  • South Africa
  • Malaysia
  • US Canada


We want to be the best in our business by providing our customers innovative global tracking & tracing solutions and satellite communication services tailored to meet their exact requirements.

Our future is like our history; characterized by a constant drive for quality and a passion for identifying new customer-oriented security and critital communication solutions.